Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m so glad you found me and my brand new business, Neurodiversity Toolbox.

I was formally identified as autistic, with a side of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in my mid-30s and am a parent to two neurodivergent children. As with many late diagnosed adults, I explored my own identity after the diagnosis of one of my children. It was a learning curve, even as someone who had previously worked with autistic children in varying capacities for over a decade! If I’m honest, I am continuing to unpack what being an AuDHDer means for me, as a person, a parent, and as a professional, while also unpacking what it means for my children. I’m also always learning about what being neurodivergent means for other people. This journey is one of continuous learning, questioning, and self compassion.

I am in the unique position of holding multiple perspectives, social worker, provisional psychologist, parent, service user, and neurodivergent person and this is exactly why Neurodiversity Toolbox was born. I was searching for tools to support my children and finding some great ones and some that looked like the exact opposite of what I was needing. Later, I was searching for tools as a Provisional Psychologist, to support my journey to becoming a neurodiversity affirming practitioner.

Neither of these searches proved easy and I was struggling to find other like minded professionals to support my learning and guide me in the right direction. So after a lot of talking myself around (hello imposter syndrome!) I decided to bite the bullet and create the very website I needed in my own journey.

Ultimately, my passion is to make neurodiversity affirming practice accessible to those who support, teach or love neurodivergent children and adults. No matter what part of the road to being neurodiversity affirming you’re on, in your practice, teaching or parenting, I’d like to welcome you to Neurodiversity Toolbox, where we all play a part in bringing this way of thinking and being to life.